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One Hit (To the Body) - classic rock stamp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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One Hit (To the Body) [Apr. 29th, 2008|06:40 pm]
classic rock stamp



1. Do you explain yourself/your reasoning well or do you have to repeat yourself and 'dumb things down' to be understood?

I frequently have to repeat myself or use a different way to explain myself. I don't mean to sound conceited, but often times people don't understand a point I'm trying to make because I'm using odd circular reasoning or some sort of logic that is strung together loosely. I'm also a mumbler. I either speak too quickly and loudly, or softly and quickly. One or the other, there's no in-between. People often ask me to repeat myself, so ja.

2. Do you prefer having a close-knit social group, or do you prefer being a popular social butterfly?

I like having a group of friends to fall back upon at all times. My friends are my life. However, I love meeting new people and making new friends. So, while I have only a group of two or three I'd trust my life with, I've got ten I'd trust a deep dark secret with, twenty I'd trust telling my crush to, and then fifty who I consider friends, and over 100 I know as aquaintances. I like being known.

3. What type of art do you like the most?

Surrelism and pop art. I'm an Andy Warhol whore. He makes normal things look extraordinary....BUT, I also love Dali like a bitch. He's got such a unique mind.(And Ronnie's portraits are lovely).

4. How does the outside world influence you politically, emotionally, spiritually?

I'm a beast of my environment. I sort of go with the flow unless I find something I disagree with. Politically, my ideals change if I'm presented with a logical and realistic expectation or ideal. Emotionally, I'm a butterfly. Anything in the news can make me upset. Trials, disasters, deaths, murders...I'm actually very fragile despite my rough exterior. Spiritually I am impacted by my surroundings. I do indeed morph to my area-in a band of atheists I won't whip out a Bible. In a band of Hindus I won't preach Jesus. In a church I won't sacrifice a goat.

5. How well of a first impression do you think that you make on people? Do people usually like you right off or do they have to get to know you to really become friends?

I struggle to make a good first impression. Many people are intimidated by my sheer outgoing personality and hyperactivity, but they usually think I'm a fun person, overall. I usually grow on people, and often times people have (mostly) good things to say about me.

6. What type of music do you like to dance to the most?

Anything with a beat. I like /dancing/ to rap or techno or random shit like the cha-cha slide. But I like chilling out more than dancing.

7. Do you function best under stress or pressure or with free range?

Free range. I have to be able to relax or I'll have a complete breakdown. I need to have plenty of room to be creative and think freely.


[User Picture]From: strawberispring
2008-04-29 11:17 pm (UTC)
Dude...reading number one, I was totally thinking Exile wholly and fully. But number three made me pick a medium:

Sticky Fingers

And not 'cause ulu it. Because srsly, you ooze it like a festering sore.
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From: elegant_fire
2008-04-29 11:34 pm (UTC)
omg...I see
Sticky Fingers too. Moonlight Mile was playing in my head :D
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