tylerluscious (tylerluscious) wrote in classrockstamp,

1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like to be out there where people can see you, or hidden away like a wallflower?
Hmm. I guess it depends on the mood and the situation I'm in. If it's in a situation where I don't know people, I try to be friendly. I try not to be a wallflower, because really that gets old. I mean, I want people to like me. Generally I tell others I'm funny, which--I guess I am. : D

2. How do you feel about family? About friends? About people in general?
Eh...my family. Let's see, sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't. I mean my intermediate family? Yeah. I try to be there...no, well I am there. I'm really close to them, too. And my friends are my world. I love my friends and often treat them like family, so if you're one of them you know you're very important to me. People? They're ok. As long as they're like, you know...not offending me.

3. Do you see yourself as progressive (working for the future), trendy (feeling only for the present), or retrograde (stuck in the past)?
Guh. Retrograde much? I wish it could still be 1963, 1983...you know the cool eras. I hate the future. I mean...ugh. The clothes are so boring, most of the celebs nowadays are, to put it simply, cunts. And they like to flash them, too -_- What's with letting the chicken out of the barn all the time?

4. Do you like to question things and experiment or take things for what they are and appreciate them as such?
I like to experiment >: D Um...I find it easier that way, because you can make up your own mind. I don't like others telling me what to do all that much.

5. How well of a first impression do you think that you make on people? Do people usually like you right off or do they have to get to know you to really become friends?
Um...well, I try to be really nice. I think I'm pretty nice overall. There's someone I wouldn't mind emulating, and I bet you know who XD. It depends. I ususally have a feel for people, if they are gonna be cool or not, and if I'll be able to stand them or not.

6. How well do you work in a team? Do you prefer to do things alone or split off and work with a partner or collaborate with a multitude of persons?
I prefer to work on my own. I don't like others getting in the way of that, though I will help out if needed and probably will end up letting someone else walk all over me in the process. I guess I'm kind of an easy person to do that too, I have a problem standing up for myself. I hate conflict. I hate it so hard -_-

7. Do you like a multitude of appreciation or attraction from the opposite sex for whatever you do or do you preferdoing your own thing and letting them be damned?

Um, i guess it would depend on if I found you attractive and interesting. I'm tend to drawn more towards musicians, who I feel comfortable with and around. Go figure, right? Hah. But someone who doesn't interest me? GTFO would you? And if I say no once, that's gonna mean that later on, too dumb nuts. I hate persistant people sometimes.

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